Momentum: Very Important When You’re Blogging

Momentum: Very important when you're bloggingI once wrote a post called ‘Do you like weak tea or strong tea‘.  At the time my point had merit, but now that I’ve had more experience with blogging, I take some of it back.


When I first began blogging last April, I was posting about 2-3 times a week.  I had almost no exposure, no website traffic (although I wasn’t using WordPress then), and my blogs were almost solely about my kids.


A few months later, I began using WordPress, blogging more often and had expanded my topics to what I have now.  For about the last six months, I’ve been posting blogs 3 times a week, and have seen my website traffic increase very well.  In the last week, I’ve been posting every day and, well, I’ve seen a dramatic increase; so much so, that I feel it’s time to begin monetizing my blogs.


In my previous ‘Do you like weak tea or strong tea’ post, I said that people who post every day could probably cut back a bit to save the integrity of their posts (assuming that their post quality was suffering).  I was wrong.  It’s about the momentum.  The more you post, the more web traffic you’ll have.  In the one week that I’ve been posting every day, I am getting more traffic than I’ve ever seen. Also, most bloggers will agree that not every post has to be outstanding, see Daniel Sharkov’s ‘Not Every Article You Write Has to be Exceptional’.


While it’s important to provide quality content and keep your posts entertaining, it’s also important to get your work out there consistently.  I will write another post shortly on how I keep my posts entertaining and informative.  Please feel free to provide your take on this subject and to include ways that you do the same.


The more you blog, the more ideas will come pouring happened to me!


Happy Blogging!





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  1. Don’t chase perfection, just write and good things will happen for you. That is my motto.

  2. Write and continue to learn more! Yes, keep doing the best job you are capable of, keep learning more to judge yourself, improve yourself…. share it all!

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