Thinking of the Mothers of the Sandy Hook Shooting on Mother’s Day

Thinking of the mothers of the Sandy Hook Shooting on Mother's DaySomeone asked me “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” and I answered “I already have what I want.”  And then I think of all the mothers who can’t have children, and those who have lost their children to illness or accident, as well as those who are still searching for their children taken from them in criminal acts.


Ever since December 14, 2012, my thoughts always go to all the mothers (and fathers) of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.


My message to you: your pain hasn’t been forgotten.  Every day I thank God for being blessed with healthy and safe children.  I know, because of you, that my children can be taken from me in a heartbeat.  I do not take that for granted.


When my children board the school bus, I silently pray that they will be returned to me safely.  Every day they come home with happy faces, jumping up and down with positive energy, I think of you.  I watch other parents take their children for granted and pray that they will never feel the pain that you have felt.


Most of all, I wish and hope that some day your pain will lessen.  I can’t imagine, on your first Mother’s Day without your little one, how much pain remains for you.


May God bless you and your little one up in Heaven.  May God bless all those who have lost their children.


Happy Mother’s Day to all.



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