Skinny People Cry Too: Act Your Age!

Skinny People Cry Too: Act Your Age!Yes that’s me sitting on the hobby horse at a children’s park last year.  We took the kids to the park behind the ice cream stand and it looked like so much fun, I had to try it myself.


Do we stop having fun because we get older or because we get bigger?  Well in my case I didn’t get bigger…..or older.  Acting your age in my mind means acting as young as you feel.  That’s one of the beautiful things about being an avid exerciser….you almost always feel young.  I act my age because almost always I feel way younger than my true age, despite having severe bilateral Scoliosis.


I’m blessed to have the physical freedom that I do despite having the affliction, and I make sure to celebrate it every chance I get.  I don’t let Scoliosis get in the way of enjoying life to the fullest, and neither should anyone else.


You’d be surprised how good you feel, both inside and out, when you exercise regularly.  Mornings just wouldn’t be the same without yoga and strength training for me.  My youth and energy gets renewed every morning, and it takes so little.


Enjoy this video of me going down the kiddie slide at a children’s birthday party….and I wasn’t the only one!


Act your age!  And have loads of fun!





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