Book Review: What She Knew-Fateful Night Book One

Book Review: What She Knew-Fateful Night Book OneT.L. Burns and K. R. Hughes did a wonderful job recounting the events surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s death in this compelling page turner.


The story is based on an interesting theory populated by a series of conversations over time, and the authors did a tremendous amount of work recreating the dialogue, setting and characterization of each person and celebrity involved in Marilyn Monroe’s demise.


I’m familiar with the history behind the assassination of JFK, the life of Jackie Kennedy and even a little regarding the Rat Pack, but this was my first experience learning about Marilyn Monroe.  It was definitely an enjoyable one.  The authors made the dialogue and setting so realistic, you could almost see the Rolls Royces driving down the street and hear Frank Sinatra singing at the piano bar.


I enjoyed the pacing of the novel as well; they were careful not to stick to any one subplot for too long.  This technique helped to keep the reader on their toes; at the end of almost every scene there was a cliff hanger.  It got a little tough to follow towards the end as I found there was a lot of jumping back and forth, but it didn’t deter from the overall story.


Since reading this novel I’ve definitely become interested in learning a lot more about Marilyn Monroe and others mentioned in What She Knew, and I look forward to reading more, as well as the second novel in the trilogy.


Here is an excerpt I particularly enjoyed:


“Oh, they’ll be all right.  We’ve known the family they are staying with for years, so no need to worry.”


“Yes, we do.  Don’t you see?  I think Aristotle likes your wife.”  Bobby started at his brother, “isn’t that a good thing?”  John took another sip.


“Not when you consider that even the devil can be charming.”


Well done ladies!  Keep up the good work!






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