Five Easy Ways to Create Interest for Your Book Using Twitter and Hootsuite

Five Easy Steps to Create Interest in Your Book Using Twitter and Hootsuite

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We’ve all tried using ads from Facebook, Google and Goodreads.

I’m sure we’ve all tried generically promoting our books using Twitter and Hootsuite.

But what if there was a few more ways to create interest for books using Twitter and Hootsuite?


Read on!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with Hootsuite, please check out a previous post.


So here’s a few simple methods I’ve recently tried.  Give them a shot and see if they work for you!


Idea#1-take short excerpts from your book and paste or key them into Hootsuite.

Tip: For simple directions on how to do this, see my previous post “How to Tweet Your Book-5 Easy Steps”


Example: “I think if I were ever to lose you, there’s no place I’d rather be.” THE WIFE OF A LESSER MAN #bestbooklines


Example:  “Mind if I sit with you?”  ‘If you don’t mind me straddling you while I eat my pancakes’ #romance #ebook #cancer


Hint: Bold your book title to make it stand out and use hash tags if you have room.


Idea#2-Be creative and imagine the character’s thoughts.

Do tweets based on what your characters would say about the book or about the conflict/storyline they’re involved in.  Make it interesting enough to provoke the reader to be interested in finding out what the resolution to the conflict was.

Example: My dead nanny visits in my dreams,I sleep with a doctor and nearly die in a crash BLESSED and BETRAYED #romance #ebook


Example: I wondered why there was such an age gap between me and my siblings, but why does my mother hate me? #romance #ebook



Idea#3-Ask questions or make up thought provoking statements pertaining to the story that will prompt the reader to wonder what the answer or outcome will be.


Example: Find out how cancer, a near fatal car accident and a dead nanny bring a family together in BLESSED AND BETRAYED


Example:  Find out who Shelley fears more:a serial killer or her husband after learning of her affair. THE WIFE OF A LESSER MAN


Idea#4-Tweet a powerful statement about your book.

(it can be in the form of a question and it can also be part of your back cover blurb.)

Example: You’ll hug them all a little tighter after reading the romantic mystery THE WIFE OF A LESSER MAN.  Find out why


Example:  She’s been led to believe a lie her whole life; when she learns the truth, will it set her free? #romance #ebook


Idea#5-Use excerpts from reviews.


Example: “OMG!!  I was on the edge of my seat through the whole story!” Verbatim from my latest beta reader for The Wife of a Lesser Man..


Example:  “Thank you for a lovely heart warming story,I was crying reading the last chapter” BLESSED and BETRAYED #romance #ebook


If you have any other ideas, please post them in the comments.  The tried and true ones still work, but it’s fun creating new ways to view your book!




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  1. Great ideas, Sandy!

    Hmmm, I think I’m going to try that with my ebook, Sandy.

  2. Good points. I think Hootsuite is the best dashboard for social media. I’ve recently started using it to write excerpts from my debut novel!

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