Book Review: Sugar’s Song

Book Review: Sugar's SongIn this follow up to Sugar’s Dance, Sugar and Van find themselves caught up in some very personal and later frightening situations with Van’s sister Lillie.


The story has the same heart warming and personal growth issues found in the first novel, but in this continuation, Sugar and Van almost become spontaneous parents.  It’s quite an interesting take on how two people can overcome a near family disaster, yet become stronger all the same.


While reading about Lillie in Sugar’s Song, we learn that she has a heart breaking past which Van helped her through initially, but we keep wondering if his love and guidance is all she needs, or all she’s ever needed.


What we’re left with is that warm and fuzzy feeling, knowing that sometimes all a person needs is love, acceptance and support from family and a few close friends.  The story even left me with a renewed sense that there is hope in this crazy world…and there are still good people left that can give you hope.


Once again it was beautiful writing, and here are some excerpts I particularly enjoyed:


…”If I’ve learned one thing it’s this, sometimes things that we think are deal breakers aren’t.  Sometimes the things we’re most hung up about no one else even notices.”


“The real you has nothing to do with the color of your hair or the numbers on the scale or what marks are on your body.  He already knows the real you because his heart showed him.  The way you laugh and the way you fit together so perfect when you dance and the way he can’t take his eyes off you no matter where you are in the room, that’s what tells him who the real you is.  I understand being afraid to get hurt and I understand being just plain afraid, but you really miss out on all the wonderful things when you let fear control your life.”


“It’s hard for me to put into words how totally and completely you’ve filled my heart.” “My mother always told me everything happens for a reason and I believed that until one November night when I woke up and my world was gone.  There could be no reason for that kind of pain and senselessness and that night I stopped believing.  I stopped believing in a loving God.  I stopped believing in happiness and I stopped believing in me.  Weddings are my life and every week I’d watch a new love being blessed and I cried with them, but my tears were not tears of happiness.  At the end of the day I’d sit with my head in my hands, so lonely it was physically painful.  I felt hollow and empty and unsure how I was going to keep going.  No one could love what I had become.  I was so far over in the breakdown lane I was beyond repair…”And then in the blink of an eye you were sitting next to me in my father’s car, holding my hand, telling me you wouldn’t let anything hurt me.  You said we’d get through it together and you drove me up in the nightmare that controlled my life.  You had no idea why I was so broken, but you didn’t care.  You were there even when I couldn’t admit I needed you.  You held me in your arms whispering over and over I’d be okay as you sang a soft lullaby in my ear.  I couldn’t understand the words, but what I heard as you sang to me was my Lord saying, “He is the reason.  This man is the reason you lived.”


Beautiful writing, isn’t it?  Excellent work once again, Katie Mettner!


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