Top Ten List of Reasons why Writers Need to Sleep

Top Ten List of Reasons Why Writers Need to Sleep

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As an avid reader, writer and blogger, I sometimes find myself up way past my usual bed time.  I know I’m not alone as I read the comments being tweeted about how much coffee some people need to get their mojo’s working in the morning.


I performed a necessary experiment recently.  Suffering from a case of writer/blogger burnout, I decided to force myself to go to bed at a decent hour, and get eight hours of sleep.  Imagine that!


After days of lacklustre writing and limited blogging ideas, I realized I should have performed this experiment long ago.  Comparing an unpublished post written semi-consciously (okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration), to a fresh one after a good night’s sleep, the results were astounding.


Here is my top ten list of reasons writers/bloggers need to get a good night’s sleep:



  1. More energy/motivation to start and finish your post (or meet your writing goal).



  1. Fresh ideas as soon as you start reading or working on anything.



  1. Sharper dialogue in your writing.



  1. More creative thought process.



  1. More patience.



  1. One blog/story idea can lead to another (sometimes immediately after)



  1. Better organization of thoughts and ideas.



  1. Better confidence (you won’t feel as inclined to delete the whole thing if it isn’t perfect the first draft)



  1. More positivity/better outlook on ideas.



  1. Brainstorm power!  You are more likely to find yourself on a role with ideas, or your flow is better.


And a Bonus:  sometimes ideas for blogs or books come to you as you’re lying in your bed, well rested, waiting for the alarm to sound.




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  1. I think you are right on the money.  I just returned from an extended vacation, renewed and rested, and am planning on instituting changes to both my eating and sleeping patterns.  I know that throughout history there have been those successful individuals who swam upstream, e.g. Thomas Alva Edison, but I’m confident that there are many more who got the necessary rest and were far more successful than they might have been if they hadn’t.  Thanks for the terrific post!

  2. catsklgd1 Oh, excellently put sir!  Very good example as well.  Thank you for your comment :)

  3. And what’s worse for writing productivity than an illness? Poor sleep habits lead to a depressed immune system, leaving you susceptible to whatever bug is making the rounds.

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