Have You Ever Paid it Forward?

Have you ever paid it forward?

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There’s something to be said about the ‘pay it forward’ phenomenon, which I learned all about during a recent trip to the doctor.


It wasn’t a big thing, but it’s often the little things that make the biggest impact.


As I sat in the waiting area at my doctor’s office, an elderly lady slowly hobbled her way into the office, leaning on a cane for support.  Through the corner of my eye I watched her stop every six steps or so to wipe her brow with a tissue.  My heart sank thinking how lucky I was to live virtually pain free, despite having severe bilateral Scoliosis, yet this poor old woman was so plagued with pain and immobility.


When she neared me, I moved over and offered her my seat, since it was closest to the reception area.  She thanked me and swallowed back tears of pain as she struggled to sit beside me.  Thankfully she wasn’t shy so I closed my book and offered my ears to listen to her story.


Moments later I was called in and before I knew it, I was in line at the local lab to get a routine test performed.  Upon arriving at the lab I realized there was a parking fee, so I searched my purse and vehicle for some change to no avail.


After registering at the lab, I asked one of the ladies at the desk if there was a nearby bank machine as I had no money and limited time before the kids would be coming home from school.  She said there was a bank machine at the hospital across the street and I thanked her for her help.


While waiting for my name to be called, the same lady behind the desk approached me, told me to hold out my hand and offered me money from her own pocket to pay for my parking fee.  My mouth dropped open in awe.  Even though it was only three dollars, the fact that a complete stranger would give her own money to me was worth more than she will ever know.


Perhaps I should give up my seat and offer an ear to an old lady more oftenDo you think that was my ‘pay it forward’I’d like to think it was.


Do you have a pay it forward story to share?

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  1. “I closed my book and offered my ears to listen to her story.” I think that’s one of the best ways to pay it forward. I give time. Time is something I don’t have much of.

  2. KathySteinemann Same here, Kathy.  I think we’re all pressed for time.  The lady certainly appreciated that.  I think there weren’t a lot of people in her life that did that. It was kind of sad.

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