Book Review: Kinsey and Me

Book Review:  Kinsey and MeAfter being on a very long waiting list from my local library, I was so proud to finally hold a copy of Sue Grafton’s Kinsey and Me.

Sue has been among one of my top favourite authors since I read ‘A is for Alibi’ probably ten years ago now.  I’ve read all of her A-V mystery novels (on a wait list for ‘W is for Wasted’) and loved every one.  Kinsey and Me is no exception.


It was such a treat to read all the short stories contained in this book; having the opportunity to finish a Sue Grafton mystery from beginning to end in the span of anywhere from ten minutes to a half hour was so exciting!  The beginning of the book had some delicious little bits, filling us in on how she came up with Kinsey’s character and a little bit of Grafton’s history behind Millhone and her antics.


Towards the end of the book, the story shifted gears.  Grafton spoke about her early family life, and how she had to witness the slow and painful death of her mother from alcoholism.  The story hit very close to home for me, as my father passed from the same heart-breaking disease.  Intimately connecting with an author is something I’ve never truly experienced before, and to be able to share some of the same feelings with her is something I’ll always remember.


Overall, Kinsey and Me was very enjoyable and I would read it again and again, just like all of Sue Grafton’s novels.


Here are some excerpts I particularly enjoyed:


“I wish life could be edited as deftly as prose.  It would be nice to go back and write a better story, correcting weaknesses and follies in the light of what I now know.”


“He was looking uncomfortable, his lean face lined with regret, his mouth creasing into a smile which hovered, hopefully, looking for one in return.  She smiled for him but not from any joy of her own.  She smiled because she recognized the look on his face.  He was being sent like an emissary from an enemy camp; the eternal diplomat, poor dear.”


As always, Ms. Grafton, excellent work.  You’re an inspiration to all writers of this genre, including me.


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