Website Engagement: Making Visitors Come and Stay


Website Engagement: Making Visitors Come and Stay

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In a previous post, I listed ten things you can do to improve website engagement.  Prior to implementing these ideas, my engagement was utterly horrible (all visitors stayed less than ten seconds).  But after that post, I tracked my Google Analytics, and the results definitely weren’t what I expected.

The first thing I noticed was that new posts didn’t necessarily effect engagement.  It was consequential.  Engagement only increased marginally for each new post, and I was posting almost five days a week during this experiment.

The reason I know that new posts didn’t affect engagement is because during the Christmas break (when my kids were home from December 20 onward), there were no new posts.


Before my post on website engagement I had been syndicating all my posts regularly, plus book links, excerpts, and all things self-promoting.  Afterward, my tweets were all either inspirational quotes, promoting other author’s works, or simply personal and fun responses to other’s tweets.

So what can I conclude?

Website engagement for me is more about making a presence.  I get more traffic and engagement by turning off the self-promotion and turning up the level of interest aside from my work.

What I’ve learned is that people will visit my website if I stand out from the crowd.  The way to do that is to do what others aren’t.  If you’re self-promoting, you’re following the rest of the herd.

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What are your thoughts on website engagement?  Have you experimented recently?  Let us know your findings!  Leave a comment below.

Next post we’ll discuss creating secondary characters and why they’re important.

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