Authors: What Should you Post on Social Media Sites?

Authors: What should you post on social media sites?The question seems obvious, yes?  Authors should be posting book-related material on their social media sites…yes?  Well, yes and no.

It is important to offer a blend of information on social media; especially if you want people to follow you on multiple platforms.

If you’re offering the same posts and material on all your platforms, chances are you’ll get one person following you on only one since they’ll generally get all your stuff from there, right?

What I recommend is choosing one of your platforms (I use my blog) for writing advice, use another for draws and contests, and another for general stuff (inspiration, comedy, etc.).  The more entertaining each of your social media sites is in their own way, the better chance you’ll have of getting a larger audience.

The other thing to consider is saturation.  Do you really want to be constantly posting material about you and your books?  Sorry, but unless you’re E.L. James or Stephen King, none of us are really all that interesting.

Readers, or anyone for that matter, will grow tired of reading only about you or about one particular topic after a short while.

So pick a number of topics to post about and be sure to post different things on all your platforms.  And most important: don’t always talk about yourself.  This works for several reasons:

  1. If you help promote others (authors or people with a common interest), you’re building camaraderie with them and they’ll likely help support you, too.
  2. Your followers (and your follower’s followers) will see other topics of interest coming from you and they’ll likely follow you as well.
  3. People that aren’t necessarily authors or readers will also follow you if you discuss something that is a common interest to them as well.
  4. Variety is the spice of life. 

When you do post information about writing, make it count.  Don’t post endless material without reading it first; make sure the content is well written and will benefit your audience.  After all, that’s the point of social media, right?  Spreading the word.

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What do you post on your social media sites?  Do you find some content works better than another?  Leave a comment below!

In the next post, we’ll talk about the things we can do to help out fellow indie authors.  The post will hopefully turn into a supportive forum, so check back!

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