Authors: Another Free Book Marketing Tool

Authors: Another Free Book Marketing Tool!This one was right under my nose!  It wasn’t until I stumbled upon another author’s Facebook page that I realized it was free…and anyone can use it.

It’s the ‘Read My Book‘ Facebook application, and until today I had no idea how to access or use it.  But here’s a quick walk-through and the best news is that that’s all you’ll need.

If you already have a Facebook Fan or Author page, simply click here and login to your Facebook account.  Then click on ‘Let’s Get Started’, select which Facebook page you would like the app to be installed on and click ‘add page tab’.

The tab will appear as a red banner (just like the graphic featured here) on the main bar on your page.  You can select where on the main bar you’d like it to appear by switching places with another banner.  I moved my ‘likes’ number tab over and placed it there.

After you’re happy with the banner’s placement, you can click on the banner and start adding your info: author bio, books and book signing info (if applicable).

If you’re in a rush, simply copy and paste your bio from another source (I used my author page bio).  If you do that, leave your author page open, because next you’ll add in your book information by inputting your ISBN’s for each book (you can also add it in manually, but if you use the ISBN, Facebook pulls all the same information right from Amazon).

What you’re left with is a nice summary of all your books (make sure you add them in sequence ie. your most recent book should be entered first and it will appear first).

This is a great tool for authors, and best of all, it’s free!  So if you haven’t installed this application yet, do so.  It literally takes two minutes to do!

Do you know of any other free book marketing tools?  List them below!  We’d love to try them!

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  1. Great article. Totally helpful. I just went and liked your author page and I’m going to share mine with you as well. Hope you like it :-).

  2. Easy to setup and useful for sprucing up an author’s professional Facebook page. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing that great author tool although I can’t seem to move the tab! But it still looks great! ~

  4. /*
    Great Stuff Sandy! I’m liking all that you have posted…



  5. Okay, I’ll be the dunce… I get to the “Let’s Get Started”, click and get placed on my author’s page (I only have one). Nowhere do I see an “add page tab”. What am I missing?

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