Email Subscribers Lists: The Why and the How

Email Subscribers Lists: The Why and the How

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An email subscribers list can mean two things: subscribing to blog posts or subscribing to monthly newsletters.  In this post we’ll be discussing the latter: subscribing to monthly newsletters.

Follows, likes, pins, friends, you name it; it’s all a measure of how we rank against others like ourselves.  A lot of it can feel like a popularity contest, and some of it is instrumental in climbing up the ladder within our platform.

But there is one other thing that we all strive to get: an email subscribers list.  This list is unlike any other in that it segregates the people who expect reciprocation and those who simply want to be updated.

In order for a newsletter to be successful, you need to provide something to your readers that only subscribers can receive.  This can be in the form of special updates on book signings, releases, upcoming discounts, or you can even allow them access to books and/or book covers not yet available to the public.

The newsletter also has to have some kind of opt-in, meaning you have to offer the subscriber something in return for their email address.  Most writers do a book giveaway, but you can also do book swag, a discount code or even a draw for a gift card, etc.

There are lots of ways to invite visitors to subscribe to your mailing list, however the things I don’t recommend are:

using a pop-up; whether it’s upon arrival or leaving your site

Pop-ups are annoying and in my opinion, many simply ignore them or even leave the site since they’re so turned off by it.  Also, some pop-ups are made so you cannot get out of them and the visitor has to click ‘x’ so many times that you’ll never get them to visit your site again.

use verbatim like: ‘join my mailing list’, ‘enter email address here’, ‘subscribe today!’

These, in my opinion, are spammy and not very warm and inviting.  Try to offer your visitors something or make them feel special.  I use ‘Join the VIP Readers Program’.

use an ‘opt-in skin’.  This is a banner that can run either across the top or bottom of your posts, or even be placed one and of your sidebar areas.  It usually allows simple text, and some allow a graphic, depending on the type and price you choose.

If you’re a WordPress user, there are many of these available both for free and paid options.  The most expensive ones provide you with everything you can imagine and even offer you an affiliate link, so you can possibly make money if someone clicks and purchases the plugin from your site.

I tried using a free one and a paid one, and frankly, you can do just as nice a presentation yourself for free.  It takes a few more minutes of work per blog post, but you can include your own graphics, pictures, text, links, etc., and it’s free.

What I do recommend is that you use a reputable email subscription service like Mailchimp or AWeber, because it will be seamless.  Mailchimp, the service I use, offers a great pay-as-you-go option, which is perfect if you’re just starting out and don’t yet have many subscribers.

Simply create the text you want, insert the link to your subscription form, add a graphic or picture, and you’re done.  You can copy and paste the same information from one post to another.  It’s that simple.

One last thing: make sure you add verbatim in your sign up form promising to only use the email address for the purpose of emailing a monthly newsletter.  There are far too many email scams out there today, including sales of people’s email address lists.  Many people will not sign up if they have to surrender any personal information, even if it’s to a trusted source.

Here’s my own version of the ‘opt-in’ form for your perusal.  Feel free to use any elements you see there that appeal to you, and hey, if you like what I’m offering, go ahead and join up!

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