Don’t begrudge the trolls, they increase sales. Learn why…

Don't Begrudge the Trolls, they increase sales

Sales of this book have never been affected by ‘trolling’…it still remains my ‘reader favourite’

While most authors probably run and hide under the covers, crying for days when they get ‘trolled’, I actually smile…because I know I’ll see more sales.

‘Trolls’, or the term authors use when they receive a bad review, should not be begrudged.

In the ten year haul for which I’ve been an author, I notice a spike in sales almost immediately after one or more of my books has been attacked by trolls.

How do you know that your book has been ‘trolled’?

It is very easy to tell.  A ‘bad review’ by a sincere reader, is usually a couple of sentences, or maybe even just a word or two, or even just a subject line that states the obvious…”not for me”, or “awful”…you get the idea.  But when a troll gets hold of your book, they leave a long, very dramatic and overly drawn out review, pulling ideas out of the sky alluding to how terrible your book is.  They’ll even go as far as to post an excerpt outlining the mistakes you’ve made in your book.

Fear not

Most trolls don’t even read your book.  They simply pick it up if it’s a freebie or on a promotion (which is why you may notice ‘trolling’ right after you’ve had your book on sale or on KDP Select free days), and scan through it to get a general idea of what they can pick on, and then they regurgitate what they can (usually using deliberate typos), and paste it up proudly on your book’s review page on Amazon.

The irony is that you may (not a guarantee) notice a spike in sales directly after this bad review is posted (although it could be because of your recent promo-if you’ve had one-personally, my sales spikes occur out of the blue after being trolled).  My guess is it’s because readers see these reviews and think “Wow, I have to see how bad this book really is…I mean, this guy goes out of his way and is actually angry over how bad the book is….it must be THAT bad, I have to see for myself!”

Funnily enough, the book I consider my readers’ favourite (cover is the focus image), has been trolled many times, and it’s still my biggest seller.

My point is, don’t get upset about getting a bad review, move on.  There will be better ones in the future, and hey, you may get more reader interest as a result of your bad review.  It’s all good.  What is the saying?  There is no such thing as bad press….

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A Calamity Place Romance

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