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I decided to do an experiment to see if I can tap into the Amazon Prime member market, so…

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Amazon Prime members can enjoy this book for freeBook One in a three novel series:

Layla Dixon never dreamed of being a small town girl. Living in New York City is the only life she ever wanted. Until something happened one September afternoon that only Tasha Dixon’s teddy bear knows about.

But while Layla sets her plan in motion, hiding what scant evidence she can to protect her family, a possible move to small town North Carolina is a welcome change despite all the raised eyebrows. Leaving her enemy behind is suddenly all the teen cares about.

What’s left is convincing the Dixons that moving is a matter of life or death…without actually telling them anything at all.

Amazon Prime members can enjoy this book for free

Book Two:

A seemingly well-balanced New York family, the Dixons mesh well with the residents of Holly Springs. But when asked why they made such a dramatic move, their story is too practiced.

Layla makes friendships selectively. A ghost still haunts her. Worst of all, everyone thinks she’s fine when inside the teen is falling apart. Suddenly, when things go south, the girl goes missing, but strangely, her cell phone is left behind.

In her absence from home, a family member learns of the horror that has become Layla’s life. After viewing an important clue, he knows that he must act fast…before his entire family is destroyed.

Amazon Prime members can enjoy this book for free

Book Three:

A return home for Layla does not mean all is well. Her Uncle Jack works tirelessly to help bring his family to safety, all the while learning of a twist that turns the case into something much more shocking than he originally thought.

While Layla strives to keep it together at home and with her friends, both the teen and her Uncle must keep the case as quiet as possible. Layla for her own reasons, and Jack for fear that he’ll be making room for two behind maximum security.

The boxed set is also available here.


Feel like trying something naughty?  I also write spicy romance…free for Amazon Prime members


A Coupling Conspiracy (1)(Spicy Romance-Book One)  Linda and Larry’s New Year’s parties have slowly become drab, unbeknownst to them. As Linda stands in her living room, watching her friends gather for the festivities with pasted on smiles, something occurs to her…everyone she cares about is miserable.

Larry has wanted to be a father for as long as he can remember, and just as much as his loving wife Linda. Doctors say that medically they are fine but psychologically Linda is under too much stress. It is a constant struggle to keep his ‘I’m-only-happy-when-everyone-else-is-happy’ wife content. Larry observes the lack of sparkle in her eyes on New Year’s Eve, a time when everyone should be rejoicing. What can Larry do to help make his and Linda’s dreams come true?

A fun, warm-hearted, spicy romance, that might just rekindle the belief that miracles are possible…

A Coupling Conspiracy (2)(Spicy Romance-Book Two) Liza is a twenty five year old inexperienced girl raised in a God-fearing home. She has healthy goals and great friends. There’s one thing missing in her life: a man. Up until now, she’s lived her life by-the-book. When she learns she has three weeks left to live, everything changes. Suddenly she finds herself dating, having sex, and entertaining at her roommate’s lingerie parties. It seems now that she’s dying, she wants to live life in the fast lane.

Ethan, a hot-blooded cop, takes a liking to her. When the rules change, Liza begins seeing life differently. Suddenly, her final days look like nothing she could imagine…and Ethan becomes more than just a plaything. How can she tell him the truth? And more important…will she have to?


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A Calamity Place RomanceA Calamity Place Romance-Misunderstood….coming soon. Click on the image to learn more.

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