Reviewers sometimes have an agenda, too…read to learn more

Be aware, book reviewers have an agenda, too

The first review this book received was from a book editor, which was infuriating!

I’ll admit it, when I used to be a regular book reviewer, I had an agenda.  But the truth is

Many reviewers have an agenda

Let’s face it.  It’s free advertising.  Reviewers are editors, writers like me, website developers, the list goes on and on.

Perusing many of the reviews I’ve received over the years, I can surmise that at least 25% of them are free advertising for someone else’s work.

The first review I received for To Hide in Holly Springs was from a book editor.  While this was infuriating because I spent a handsome sum on a professional book editor for this series, I realized that I needn’t get upset…they have an agenda, and it’s all part of the industry.

Trolls have a purpose, too

When your book gets ‘trolled’, more on this in a previous post, this is likely a group of wannabe book reviewers or writers who band together, trolling books that are targeted because of a recent promotion, or because they simply scout out books in a popular genre, and attack them, trying to boost attention to their own (or their friends’) books (or to their own cause).

But you don’t have to worry, reviews, good and bad, will come.  There has been so much controversy over them, and so much change over time, that now reviews come in all forms.

Don’t focus on reviews, focus on promoting for free in other ways

Promotion is expensive, and many in this industry look at ways to garner free promotion.  Even I used to do it with Readers’ Favorite, and other review sites, but in the end, it didn’t bring sales my way, so I gave it up.  There are still honest reviewers out there who do it for the enjoyment (and for the free books), and I thank them.  They are the unsung heroes in the writing world.

If you want free promotion, blog (heck, even this blog is written in hopes of snatching up new readers), make one of your books permanently free (I did it, check it out here), place good excerpts and links in the end matter of your permanently free book (and all your books while we’re on the subject).  There are so many things we can do to promote ourselves for free.  But do it honestly.

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