Some have said that if you see me on the street (usually with a book in hand or a laptop fired up), I appear a cold, hard-fisted person.  However, once we’ve spoken for five minutes or less, you’ll have laughed at least once.  That is, provided you appreciate sarcastic, self-deprecating wit.

My first short story was penned in middle school and I was hooked ever since.

I graduated with honours from Humber College and began working as an Administrative Coordinator for a large, multinational corporation shortly afterward.  After working there for five years, despite the love I had for my job, I chose to quit during maternity leave in 2006.

Difficulty thinking outside the box soon evaporated when I received something that didn’t come in one: my first child.  While at home with the baby my imaginative energy got the better of me and my first memoir was written.  It had been a dream of mine to write about my late father, who passed away from alcoholism in 1992, and it took me two years to compose a fifty-page manuscript, but I did it.

After my second daughter was born in 2008 I had more fuel to write, and felt it necessary to voice the challenges and inherent gifts I acquired during my struggles with Scoliosis.  Hence, my second memoir was born.  The words flowed out of me with such ease I shocked myself.  My love for words grew with each book I read and every word I wrote.  I soon realized I had no more material to write non-fiction, which led me to take a stab at fiction.

Spending ten years on a professional hiatus had its merits, but ultimately, I found writing on a full-time basis to become a lonely endeavour.  It’s not for everybody, and while I still write, I’ve found more balance in working with people and writing as a hobby.  Writing is still a huge love for me and it will always be part of my life, but we all must do what is best for us, not what is best for the industry. We cannot write well if we are not happy.

Love, live, read, write, and enjoy life!

Interview from ‘Book Adventures with Emily’From Blog Tour Sept. 2014

Who are your favourite authors?

My favourite authors are:  Philippa Gregory, Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Sparks, Sandra Brown, John Grisham, Sue Grafton, E.L. James, and Stephen King.  I also enjoy reading biographies, particularly centered around the British Royal Family, but I’ve also read up on Steven Tyler, Cher, Goldie Hawn, Margaret Trudeau, and many others.

Why did you pursue writing?

Since I was a little girl poetry and short story writing was always something I enjoyed.  When I wrote my first memoir and then my second it occurred to me that there was more to it than a simple interest.  After typing the words ‘the end’ on my first romantic suspense, I was hooked.  Now I’ve written eleven books in total and have loved every minute of it.

What inspired your book ‘No Thanks, Mommy, I Peed Yesterday’?

It began with simple journaling of the funny things my kids would say to me or to my husband; I wrote them down so I would remember to tell family members when they called or came over.  It turned into a book after about two hundred of them.

How long have you been publishing your work?

Self-publishing was something I had to do after being rejected by traditional publishers more times than I care to admit (don’t feel bad, I have two works under contract now-to be published later this year!).  My first memoir was published in 2010, four years after I began writing.

What’s your writing environment like?

My living room couch is where all the magic happens.  A big bay window, a leather couch, a laptop and a warm cat are my company each day when I write.  Who wouldn’t be inspired?

What projects are you currently working on?

As far as works in progress, I have one that I just completed; a thriller, and another thriller that is approximately halfway finished.  There is another manuscript I can’t wait to start but in the meantime I’m doing research for it while I finish my current project.

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