The Message In Dad’s Bottle

The Message in Dad's Bottle“I found the book to be very informative about how alcoholism not only affects the person doing the drinking, but also the immediate family, co-workers, and beyond. Everyone in an alcoholics life is affected by the drinking and therefore alcoholism may be seen as a pebble being dropped into a puddle of water with its ripple effect.”

About the Book:

My father was an alcoholic all his adult life, and the disease took his life at the age of forty-one. When I was ten years old, I became exposed to alcoholism.

This book describes what I saw, my reactions to it, and how each situation made me feel. Most importantly, this book illustrates how these factors shaped who I am today. It also focuses on the experiences of others in my life and how each coped with their own alcoholic family member.

Included in this section is helpful advice from each person to those who may also be touched by alcoholism. I also share with the reader some of my poems that I have written to help me deal with my past and explain the significance of each.

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