A Calamity Place Romance-Misunderstood

A Calamity Place RomanceAptly named ‘Calamity Place’, there is never a dull moment at the apartment in Toronto’s downtown core.  If it isn’t Lynda throwing her husband Ray’s clothes out the window, or Missy bringing home another date for their landlord, Mrs. Cummings, to judge, it’s Kendra spying on Ian Wilkinson, the heartthrob that doesn’t know Kendra exists.

On the surface, Kendra is seen as the apartment’s gossip, but underneath she’s a woman who has felt pain in a way that most haven’t.  Hiding behind a pair of non-prescription lenses is a girl who loves, laughs, cries, and enjoys life….all from behind her living room curtains.  Cassandra, her best friend, vows to help Kendra live vicariously through her own harried and socialite lifestyle, but at the end of the day, Kendra shrinks back to the wallflower she is, pushing her loved ones away.

But what Kendra doesn’t know is that Ian Wilkinson also has a secret.  Will they both be able to share their pain and accept their personal flaws?  Kendra is about to learn that she is not the only person at Calamity Place who is misunderstood…

Filled with laughs, family issues, drama, and wholesome love, Misunderstood-A Calamity Place Romance (Book one of the Calamity Place Series) is a book for all to enjoy.  This is a light-hearted novel about personal challenges and finding love.

Coarse Language: no
Sexual Content: no
Violence: no
Reference to drugs: no

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