A Coupling Conspiracy (Spicy Romance Book One)

A Coupling Conspiracy (1)A Coupling Conspiracy (Spicy Romance Book One)

Release Date: November 5, 2015

Genre: Erotica/Contemporary Romance

Linda and Larry’s New Year’s parties have slowly become drab, unbeknownst to them. As Linda stands in her living room, watching her friends gather for the festivities with pasted on smiles, something occurs to her…everyone she cares about is miserable.

Larry has wanted to be a father for as long as he can remember, and just as much as his loving wife Linda. Doctors say that medically they are fine but psychologically Linda is under too much stress. It is a constant struggle to keep his ‘I’m-only-happy-when-everyone-else-is-happy’ wife content. Larry observes the lack of sparkle in her eyes on New Year’s Eve, a time when everyone should be rejoicing. What can Larry do to help make his and Linda’s dreams come true?

A fun, warm-hearted, spicy romance, that might just rekindle the belief that miracles are possible…


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