Would you Still Love Me? (Meaningful Suspense Book Three)

Meaningful Suspense Series (2)Would You Still Love Me? (Meaningful Suspense Series Book Three)

Release Date: June 1, 2016

Genre: Drama/Contemporary Romance

Would you Still Love Me? Is a very touching, dramatic story about a young actress who, in her youth, falls in love with an actor, and later seeks him out. But when he falls in love and marries her, he doesn’t marry the real her, just a sanitized version. After she’s involved in a near-fatal plane crash, he learns who she really is, as she remains comatose in hospital. Once he’s learned the truth, will he still love her?

This book touches on sensitive topics while remaining mysterious and at times light-hearted. It explores the precarious world of actors and actresses, and illustrates how their lives are so much different from ours, yet are still so much alike. Most important, Would You Still Love Me? was written to remind readers that not all illnesses are worn on our shirt sleeves.

Sexual content: no
Offensive language: moderate
Violence: no


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