When Will Knocks at Your Door (Meaningful Suspense Book Two)

Meaningful Suspense Series (1)When Will Knocks at Your Door (Meaningful Suspense Series Book Two)

Release Date:  March 1, 2016

Genre: Suspense/Contemporary Romance

A stranger’s hand is clamped over her mouth as she awakens to the sound of a switch blade springing to life. Her house is ransacked as she watches helplessly; restrained to her own bed. Weeks later she still hears his seething voice threaten her in her dreams. Ripley loses the will to move on; aspirations that were once within reach become unfathomable.

Warren Mackenzie is gravely concerned for his daughter, but powerless from Japan, attending meetings detrimental to his business. Police soon discover that the attack was targeted and Warren must figure out how to protect his family from the secret; a secret that only he knows about. He doesn’t anticipate the plan backfiring as it does.

Suddenly Ripley’s life is about to change forever, and it begins the moment Will knocks at her door.


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