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“If I was told 8 yrs ago to work hard without pay I’d have laughed; but I love it. Truth is, you buy an indie’s book, you make their day.  So go ahead, make my day.”

-my Twitter profile quote

Not only do I write books in several genres, but I also publish helpful and insightful blogs (so I’m told) about writing, social media, author interviews and book reviews.

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If you prefer, here is a list by genre to help you out (click for more info):

Romantic Suspense:

Don’t Mess with Daddy’s Girl (Book Two in my police procedural/romantic suspense series)

The Wife of a Lesser Man (Book One in my police procedural/romantic suspense series)

Blessed and Betrayed


No Thanks, Mommy, I Peed Yesterday (funny)

I’ll Never Wear a Backless Dress (inspirational)

The Message in Dad’s Bottle (inspirational)


To check out upcoming releases click here. (Hint: My next book ‘The Wheels of Change‘ (Book Three of my romantic suspense series) is coming out in March!)

Feel like checking out my writing for FREE?  I have a selection of short stories you can choose from as well.  Here is a list (click on each for info):

A Pink Box for Christopher

Christmas Rings of Hope

One Man’s Junk

Love Knows no Boundaries

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Writers:  You’ll find a lot of information on this site relating to writing skills, platform building, social media advice, and hey, if you want me to interview you (or if you want to interview me), that can be done as well!  Click on ‘resources’ to see all the stuff I can offer you.

Writers looking for extra help:  If you’re new to this site, perhaps you would be interested in checking out my three self-help books, geared specifically to writers.  Here is a list (click for info):

How to Get Followers on Twitter: A Simple Guide on How to Optimize Twitter and Hootsuite

Indie Writing Advice (Vol.I): A Simple Guide on Writing and Optimizing Your Social Media Platform

Indie Writing Advice (Vol. II): A Simple Guide for Sharpening Your Writing Skills, Platform Building, and Submitting to Publishers

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